Trademark MSQcert is entered in the register of trademarks by the Industrial property office of the Slovak republic under Section 33, paragraph 1 of Act No 506/2009 Coll. about trademarks, under entry numbers 256319 and 256320.

– The client can:

  • Use the certification mark in reference to their certification state in the means of communication (e.g., web, quality manuals, advertisement, other documents) and shall act in accordance with the certification body (CB) requirements on usage of the certification mark.

– The client shall:

  • Adjust all informational and promotional materials if the scope of certification standards is reduced.
  • If the client operates more establishments, the certification mark can be used only for those in which the certification process was carried out.
  • Stop using all informational and promotional materials that include the certification reference once the certification is revoked.

– The client must not:

  • Make misleading declarations in connection to the certification.
  • Use the certification document or its part misleadingly.
  • Use the reference on their management system certification in such a way that CB would be considered a body certifying products or processes (including services).
  • Indicate that the certification concerns activities beyond the extent of the certification.
  • Use their certification in a way that would cause the CB a loss of goodwill or public confidence.
  • It is not allowed for the certification mark to be altered in any way, for its shape and proportions to be changed, for its color to be changed, or for only some parts of it to be used. A certification mark can be used in its color version to be sent to the client or in a black-and-white version.