Quality management systems certification according to the standard ISO 9001 is nowadays the most frequently used certification standard in management systems. The goal of organizations that decide on the application of the mentioned standard to their processes and subsequently on the certification of their management system is to continually present, provide, produce, and supply their products (goods or services) in the required quality, quantity, and time in accordance with the corresponding legislative requirements and in achieving the effectivity of their processes. At the same time, the system emphasizes decreasing the risks and preventing their occurrence.

Certification according to the standard ISO 9001 involves all employees, external workers, and subcontractors in the process, while each worker has their own involvement in the continual improvement of the management system.

Certification is designated for all organizations operating in all sectors of the economy, regardless of their type, size, or area of operation, namely:

  • In the sector of production
  • In the service sector